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Logo Design

For a small business, the opportunity to make a first impression is vital. Unless a business has years of brand recognition, this starts with a strong logo. You need to very quickly connect with customers in a way that connects your name positively with your product or service. It should be memorable, versatile, and clearly understood.  That said, it also needs to be current and look good, not relying on trends, clip art and system fonts. Outdated logos may not print properly, work well on small screens or be suitable for online marketing, and they won't attract new business. 

When I create your logo, I take all of these into consideration. Through the process I get to know you - your story & your style, so I can design a logo that relates to your values and company goals. This is the way a logo paves the way for a brand, and can be used wherever you like, in printed publications, packaging, websites, social media, etc. 


Here are some logos created at Taylor Brown:

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