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ART & Illustration

This company was founded because of the love of art. And we work hard to keep it that way! The backbone of all great design is composition and balance, and the same holds true for people. While the majority of our business is graphic design, screen time is balanced with plenty of hands-on art and illustration. Because of the skills and techniques developed through fine arts' education and years of experience, Taylor Brown Illustration & Design has the artistic edge over most "one stop shop" firms. 

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community involvement

We support our local community by contributing to events that feature artwork such as Madison's annual Nite In Hand and Kathleen Ryerson Elemetary School's annual Give to Grow  auction. Additionally, we encourage unique artwork in our community by providing unique and original illustrations to local fundraising efforts and promotions. LOVE YOUR LOCAL!

The Great Wall of China
sketch for mural
Painting background
Adding details to mural
Finished mural
Central Park
Sketch for mural
Painting background
Adding perspective
Detail of lamp post
Finished Mural
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