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Promotional materials

When it comes to promotion, there are a ton of options, depending your budget and style. The first question to ask yourself is - who are you trying to reach? If you want to reach millennials, then you need to connect though social media; but if you are trying to connect with seniors, you are better off with brochures and printed advertisements. Professionals and families rely on referrals and trends, so promoting your business in association with other popular ideas or venues is a good way to connect. 

Having a brochure, flyer, advertisement  or sign created at Taylor Brown Illustration & Design means you will get an eye-catching layout that is specifically directed at your target audience. 

As part of your brand strategy,  these materials also must fit in with the image of your business, in a well designed, creative way which will attract customers and clients.  There is room in every budget for attractive and successful promotional materials.

Here are some examples of how Taylor Brown has promoted business:

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