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Logos are vital to a business image, but they are just one component of what creates a strong brand. Logos should support the broader brand strategy that supports an even bigger brand story. It starts with defining your brand identity.

What exactly is a BRAND?


Brand is the image people have of your company or product. It’s who people think you are, and how you make them feel. It is essentially the identity of a product or service that creates a perceived value. It's not the luck of the draw. It is a process.

Your professional environment, mission statement, and integrity are all a part of your brand. My job is to take these elements and create the visible aesthetic reference. This goes beyond the logo design to include packaging, advertisements, signage, websites, etc... elements that customers can see and reinforces your brand. These should deliver a clear message,  connect with customers,  and create interest & loyalty.

Here are some examples of how Taylor Brown Design has helped build a brand:

LIPLUxe by Mizzi Cosmetics

MIZZI already had an amazing line of lip balm in jars that were selling well in boutiques, but they were looking to expand their line, by offering their product in tubes, to expand their customer base and appeal to national retailers.  

The new tubes coordinated with the jars, having elements that could change as new products were added. I created digital illustrations to help the client visualize the packaging, and these renderings were used to aid in the planning of actual production. I prepared the art for manufacturing with color and foil specifications and laying out essential information such as UPC's, approved ingredients and other FDC required information.

To further strengthen their brand, I designed a 12-page booklet sales brochure, which highlights the new tubes, as well as retail sell sheets for the sales team.

 Packaging • Concept rendering • 3D Illustration • Labels

Sell sheets • Brochure • Manufacturing prepress 

Print coordination grew out of a mom’s recipe and a daughter’s dream to share her memory with this delicious cake. (And it is yummy!) Their branding reflects a rustic, wholesome, farm-to-table simplicity in a quality gift presentation.

The packaging concept followed the sunflower logo design. The bundt cake is sealed tightly in plastic, labeled, then placed in a reusable sack and packed with coordinated marketing materials in biodegradable peanuts for shipping. Using a burlap bag increased the product’s perceived value and was consistent with their homespun theme. 

Following their online success, they also made smaller versions of the cake for sale in local coffee shops.

Logo design • Packaging • Printed sack • Stationary • Product information  

Referral cards • Labels • Mini cake packaging


This extraordinary shop, located in busy downtown Greenwich CT, is just bursting with an incredible assortment of merchandise - from trendy-tween clothing to professional gifts. With such variety it requires  consistent store promotions and a strong brand identity for continued success. 

Using professional postcards, flyers, brochures and website, SPLURGE uses their brand to invite customers to experience their unique store. 


Postcards • Brochures • Flyers • Business cards • Posters 

Office materials • Signage

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